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    Larry Stone, LMFT

  • Co‑Parenting Coaching
  • Divorce and Custody Mediation
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Parenting Plan Development
  • Child Custody Coaching and Support
  • Author of "Divorcing Peacefully: Why It's Essential and How To Do It"

If you reside in Northern California, click here to go to for additional information on Individual Psychotherapy, Couples Counseling, Mediation, Coparenting Counseling, Collaborative Divorce, Child Custody Evaluation and other related services.
Coaching is available throughout the U.S. and Worldwide

Larry Stone is a California licensed psychotherapist as well as an experienced private mediator and co‑parenting coach. In California, he is a "730 Expert" Child Custody Evaluator, as well as a psychotherapist experienced working with both individuals and couples.

He is also a caring and dedicated mediator and co‑parenting coach who strongly believes that the challenging work of real personal growth is best accomplished in an atmosphere of safety, caring, and support, and is dedicated to providing this for his clients. Although his counseling and psychotherapy practice is limited to California, he is available for coaching and mediation worldwide through ZOOM.

Larry Stone, lMFT

Larry Stone, LMFT




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